Spot On Stimulating Gel
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Spot On Stimulating Gel

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Want to become multi-orgasmic? Presenting Spot On G-Spot Stimulating Gel for Women! Looking for a great way to ignite passions - for yourself, or for your partner, you need to hit the 'G' spot! Simply squeeze a small amount of Spot-On to your fingertips. With your thumb on the clitoris, gently insert your fingers into her/your love canal. Rub your thumb and fingers in slow, gentle circles until ...until ...hold on.. you're about to have intense pleasure like you have never known!


Wow!!!!! (Anonymous)

Lovin it. It actually works


Great Stuff (Anonymous)

Wife really liked it.


Omg!!! (Anonymous)

I have never been as sensitive or squirted as much as i did when we used this. By far the best I've ever used!

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